If you’re searching for the ultimate source of free resources to boost your stock market trading, look no further than TradingLikeABoss.com. This is where Wealth Builders HQ, the nation’s premier stock market education company, brings you the tools to help your quest in reaching your personal trading and financial goals.

Here, you’ll find free workshops and classes that provide candidate identification and analysis, secrets to market preparation, and strategies and techniques such as using Fibonacci analysis and trading the news.

All of these free resources come compliments of Wealth Builders HQ, your premier stock market education company.

Get an expert analysis of the markets, your stock picks, and the the trading news you’ve got to know, every Monday at Noon EST. And the best part is, it’s completely FREE.
30 Days to Trading Success

One of the hottest trading trends is 0DTE options trading. In this free training, Brandon Wendell, CMT will reveal what he does to maintain a high success rate on SPX. Sign up now!

trading coach

Trading Coaches Playbook is a free training every Friday, hosted by Brandon Wendell, Tony Benson and Ryan Litchfield on a rotating basis, presenting premium stock and options trading education.

30 Days to Trading Success
You will receive 2-3 vetted trading opportunities to consider and analyze each week with this FREE service. Sign up and let the winning trades come to you!
30 Days to Trading Success
Patterns are an important part of our lives, so why wouldn’t they be just as important in the stock market? (Spoiler alert: they are!) In Tony’s free training, “Patterns Today” he’ll show you how to recognize tradable patterns faster than ever!
30 Days to Trading Success
Learn how a professional trader finds . sets up, and trades new candidates each and every day in this free training.
30 Days to Trading Success
If you want to learn how to trade chart patterns, you’d might as well learn from the best – the “Pattern Whisperer!” Sign up now for FREE!
30 Days to Trading Success
Learn about one of the most powerful and reliable trading indicators, not commonly used by traders, but mastered by Robert Roy
30 Days to Trading Success
If you’re going to learn the best way to trade futures, you’d better learn from one of the best. In this free class, Brandon Wendell, CMT will show you the most effective ways to trade futures in this market condition.
Wealth Builders HQ Trading and Robert Roy

Who is Robert Roy?

Rob Roy has been trading the market and teaching others the strategies to make money in the market for more than two decades. His success as a trader and an instructor make him the ideal coach, since he has experience – and success – in both arenas.

Rob came to the market by attending an introductory seminar, much like the ones he teaches today. It wasn’t long before he was able to quit his fulltime job as a plant manager and become a fulltime trader/trading coach.

Since he began, Rob has taught thousands and thousands of students how to trade and make money in the market. Rob offers introductory classes to those new to trading and other classes, subscriptions and products that can be used to help traders grow their skills and abilities.

Trading Like A Boss.com is just one of many avenues where you can sample Rob’s work as a market instructor and coach. It’s an ideal way to get started on your journey and sample the style, versatility and depth that an experienced trader/coach has to offer.

Whether you’re just getting started and need step-by-step instruction, are looking for potential candidates to trace or a deep dive in analysis, Rob Roy is the man to see.

What is Wealth Builders HQ?

Wealth Builders HQ Trading
Wealth Builders HQ is an education company founded by Robert Roy to help aspiring men and women learn the successful steps it takes to trade the market and make money. Those profits put students on the path to reach their personal financial goals.

Rob recognizes that each student has a different goal and wants to make money for different reasons. Perhaps you need money now in order to pay bills or afford a car. Or are you planning for long-range needs, such as a better retirement or the ability to provide a college education for you children or grandchildren? Whatever the need, Wealth Builders HQ has the classes and products that can teach you skills that will help you get there faster.

The faculty at Wealth Builders has more than 100 years of combined experience in teach students how to trade the market. Each of the instructors is an actual trader, not just someone who has book knowledge. The faculty members have different areas of specialization, making it possible for you to learn how to make money – regardless of your preferred strategy.

Wealth Builders HQ Trading

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the “Trading Like a Boss” assets?
All the products you see on the Trading Like a Boss website are 100% free. They are created and posted with the goal to help you become a better trader, to learn how to make money in the stock market, to give you ideas on how to find candidates to trade and to assist you in your quest to reach your personal financial goals. These products are free and we hope they can be a boost or serve as a starting point for your path to success.
Is there a limit on the number of products I can use?
There is no limit on the number of these powerful tools you can add. Choose one or choose all. It’s completely up to you. Some students start with one and add others as they learn more about making money in the stock market. Other students go ahead and sign up for all and set aside time to learn how to use them and take advantage of the wide variety of information.
How much does it cost to use these classes?
Each one of these classes is free. It is the goal of Wealth Builders HQ to help you attain your personal financial goals by learning to trade the stock market. These classes and products are our gift to help you get started … and hopefully help you reach your destination faster!
Can these classes help me learn to make money in the stock market?
Each one of the classes in the Trading Like A Boss section are created to help you with a different aspect of trading the market. If you add this material and use it in conjunction with your other Wealth Builders HQ educational platforms, you will learn ways to methods to make money in the stock market. That is the ultimate goal for all students. These tools are designed to help.
What sort of benefits do these classes offer?
Each product found here has a different slant to help you become a better trader. They are created to help options traders and futures traders learn the strategies they need to know and find and analyze the opportunities that exist. The short-term benefit is to get smarter and more aware of how the market works. The long-term goal is to help you learn how to make money and reach your personal financial goals.
Who are the instructors for these classes?
Each of the instructors in the Trading Like a Boss classes are members of the Wealth Builders HQ faculty. All have many years of trading and coaching experience; the entire team has more than 100 years of market experience. You are encouraged to try each one and find the instructor you like the most … or sign up for all the classes and sample the style of each. You won’t be disappointed.
Are you going to sell my name to other mailing lists?
Absolutely not! We respect your personal information and email address and will not share it with any other outside organization.
What if I decide I don’t like a class or product? Can I quit?
Not every strategy or class appeals to every student. We realize that. If you find yourself in that position, just unsubscribe to the service. We will remove you from the lists. Then, if you change your mind, you’re welcome to return – no questions asked.
Will any of these products tell me which stocks to trade?
No. The purpose of these classes is to tell you how to identify potential candidates, not tell you what to trade. We do not give trading advice. Any candidates that are identified in class are there for your benefit and further examination. We encourage all students to use a non-funded account and building their experience before ever putting any money in a real trade.
Do I need to have a credit card on file to join these classes?
No credit card is needed to sign up for these classes. These are free services that Wealth Builders HQ is offering as a gift to help aspiring traders – regardless of their level of experience – reach their personal financial goals.